Your Satisfaction is Our
Final Goal


Reliable Quality Bring Value to Customers.

TOPIN company located in Zhengzhou City, China, is an industrial products supplier, providing customers with one-stop procurement and management services for industrial products and electromechanical products.

Products cover PLCs, servo motors, frequency converters, stepper motors, touch screens, sensors, low-voltage power distribution appliances, pneumatic products, hydraulic products, electrical products, transmission parts, instruments, industrial products parts, etc.

Our long-term supply and service customers are widely distributed in various major industries, mainly including: automobile manufacturing, machinery and equipment manufacturing, electrical instrument manufacturing, mining, steel, non-ferrous metals, shipping, water conservancy, electric power, petrochemicals, rubber products, pharmaceutical production, food Beverages, papermaking, textiles, printing, cement, glass, military industry, new energy, robots, intelligent equipment, etc.

Our goal is to improve the supply efficiency of industrial products, reduce comprehensive procurement costs for customers, and strive to achieve our vision of “becoming the world’s most valuable industrial supplies service company.”

Quality Management

The quality of our supply chain and consequently of our products hinges on our suppliers. This is why we set such a great store by long-term trusted relations with our partners.

Feedback from the market provides valuable information of industrial products. Using this feedback allows us to make our service still a little bit better and customers a lot more satisfied.

Supply Chain Management

Nearly 15 years of expertise and experience in procurement, logistics, import and export form the foundation of our efficient supply chain management.

We have been persisting in achieving excellent industrial products supply satisfaction rates and efficient delivery service. Orders are managed hierarchically according to customer needs, and logistics methods such as sea transportation, land transportation or air transportation are adopted as required to ensure both the economy and timeliness of transportation.